Right in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and its beautiful capital, the City of Palermo, has always represented a unique blend of different peoples, lifestyles, cultures, that, not only has developed a rooted tradition of hospitality and social integrations over the centuries, but has also been generating a strong creative and productive energy stemming from an authentically and traditionally multi‐cultural, open and global society.

Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Built and grown over the course of centuries, Palermo conveys a range of diverse cultures and traditions, from the Phoenicians to the Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish-French people, until the recent unification within the Italian kingdom. Nestled in La Conca d’Oro (the golden shell) and roughly embraced by Monte Pellegrino and Capo Zafferano, Palermo was declared “the most beautifully situated town in the world” by Oscar Wilde – rightly, in many people’s eyes.
Walking within then narrow and characteristic streets of the city center you will also be able to smell and taste the flavours of Palermo street food.

Colourful and picturesque, you will find small open shops selling food with their array of multicoloured awnings, their brightly painted stalls decked with assortments of fruit, vegetables or fish, lit with bare light-bulbs. To get the real soul of Palermo, take a walk at its markets. You will stroll through Ballarò market to reach Professa square with the baroque Casa Professa del Gesù church. The ‘Vucciria’ market is certainly Palermo’s most famous, always bustling with colour and noise (which possibly gave rise to its name). Eventually, just beyond Massimo theatre you will find the Capo market, the most famous for the variety of spices and aromas.


For more information about Palermo and Sicily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98xU6wzUj2o



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