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Five-Year Single Cycle degree in Restoration, Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Restoration

Teaching language of the course: Italian, English

Course delivery online: Yes

Link to the course: lines and artifacts-in-synthetic-materials-manufactured-assembled-and-or-paintings /

Course description:

PFP2:  Artefacts painted on wood and textile supports. Sculpted artefacts in wood.  Furniture and wooden structures. Processed, assembled and/or painted artifacts in synthetic materials.

The five-year single-cycle professionalizing training course aims to train a Restorer of cultural heritage, with specific competences in the restoration of artistic artefacts painted on textile, wooden, plain and modelled surfaces as well as large-sized artefacts constituting furnishings and wooden structures for sacred and profane use. Moreover, included are artifacts composed of processed synthetic materials, which are also assembled and/or painted.