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Master’s Degree in Marine Biology – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Earth and Sea Sciences

Teaching language of the course: Italian

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The Master’s Degree in Marine Biology trains master’s graduates with a consolidated cultural background in basic and applied marine biology, with particular reference to the management and conservation of the environment and of fishery and aquaculture resources, and to environment impact assessment, in the context of climate change, environmental sustainability and blue growth. The period of study is two years (four semesters). The curriculum includes basic subjects such as marine botany, ecology, microbiology, zoology and geology, statistics and data analysis, and application subjects such as fishery and aquaculture, sustainable use of biotic resources, conservation of the marine environment, environmental impact assessment and biotic indexes.

The activities include lectures, practical exercises (in the field, in the laboratory and in the computer room), educational trips, a practical stage, an internship in a laboratory for the preparation of the thesis. The final thesis concerns the presentation of original experimental outcomes of a research project, obtained while attending a scientific facility (university or other public or private laboratories, also abroad). Such a well-structured study plan allows students to gain experience in the design and implementation of research activities and environmental assessments.

The master’s degree has activated Erasmus agreements with universities of many European countries (e.g., France, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal).
The master’s graduates can find employment at: public and private research centres; public bodies that manage marine protected areas, supervise the monitoring and environmental assessment; scientific consultancies, environmental monitoring companies; public bodies and consultancy companies in the field of fishing, aquaculture and coastal management. Master’s graduates can also participate in PhD courses and recognized specializations, necessary for research and management careers, both in the public and private sector.