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Bachelor’s degree in Social Work/Social work and Social Policies – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Culture & Society

Teaching language of the course: Italian for the Social work programme – Italian/English for the Social work and Social Policies programme

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Social Work

The aim of the Bachelor’s degree programme in social work is the training of the professional figure of the social worker, a professional operator capable of reading critically, reflexively and autonomously the dynamics and social processes that characterize the territory in which he/she operates. This professional is skilled to plan adequate interventions in order to face up to the challenges that companies might face and, to carry out his/her activity in the sphere of public and private Social Services, taking into account the operating methods of the organizational system in which he/she operates. The training path gives crucial importance to the internship activities which are carried out at institutions or services affiliated with the University of Palermo.


Social work and Social Policies

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Social work and Social Policies aims to train professional figures capable of carrying out social analysis of the territory and to exercise management roles in public administrations and private or third sector organizations, in Italy and abroad, operating in social services or more generally in processes of social development or human and community promotion.

The approach is interdisciplinary, with particular attention to the disciplines aimed at understanding social processes and the functioning of local authorities; great attention is payed to main issues, such as construction of social policies, organizational management problems, coordination and organization of interventions in the territory, coordination and management of cooperation and third sector organizations. Students are introduced also to knowledge and skills targeted to international career in non-governmental organizations in the humanitarian field, in community development projects and in the interventions regarding migratory flows in Italy and abroad.