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Short-cycle Higher Education in Development & Data Analysis – Higher Technical Institute Steve Jobs

Location: Palermo (in collaboration with the multinational Exprivia Spa)

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In the Development and Data Analysis course, students will learn the ICT languages ​​and the latest technologies most requested by companies.

Libraries and frameworks such as NodeJS, React, MongoDB and Bootstrap; languages ​​such as Swift, Java, Typescript, JavaScript and HTML5.

Teachers: ICT professionals and university teachers


  • Developing in an Agile way
  • Creating web pages using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Sass
  • Understanding and use Client Server and Cloud architectures
  • Creating and maintaining non-native apps using Angular, React, NodeJS, Ionic
  • Developing native apps for iOS and Android
  • Using popular programming languages ​​such as Swift, Java, Javascript and Typescript
  • Creating sites with the most popular CMS such as WordPress and Magento etc
  • Managing relational (MySQL) and non-relational (Mongo) databases
  • Manipulating Big Data with Hive
  • Managing workflows with Git, GitHub and GitLab

The course also offers Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and in particular, develops BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS and CLOUD enabling skills.

Duration: 1,800 hours of which:

  • 1,080 hours of lessons with academics and ICT professionals;
  • 720 hours of internship at Exprivia Spa