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Master’s Degree in History, Anthropology and Geography, University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Culture and society

Teaching language of the course: Italian

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The 2nd cycle Degree in History, Anthropology and Geography provides specialist knowledge of historical issues related to Europe in the global context, and of the issues related to man-environment relation particularly in the modern and contemporary age.

The historical curriculum trains students in the methodologies of research and production of historical knowledge, taking into account the acquisitions and revisions of the historiographical tradition, especially in terms of the critical treatment of documentary, narrative and other sources, also in light of the current use of information technology. Specifically investigated areas are those of political history and of economic, institutional, social, cultural and religious history.

In the anthropological-geographic curriculum, the Course aims at building specialized skills in anthropological and geographic studies, both under the theoretical and methodological perspective, designed to deal critically with geographic information systems and cartographic representations and to elaborate models of reading and interpretation of complex territorial systems, thanks to the use of information and multimedia technologies.