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Master’s Degree in Classical Studies – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Culture and society

Teaching language of the course: English

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2nd cycle graduates in Classical Studies should possess advanced competences enabling them:

a) to read and translate classical ancient literature thanks to their consolidated linguistic competence in ancient Greek and Latin;

b) to contextualise the classics, applying the methodologies of literary analysis, linguistic-philological and historical-archaeological sciences, critically and autonomously analysing the sources;

c) to interpret, through the use of other knowledge and competences, the fortune and reception of the classics in the Middle, Modern and Contemporary Age;

d) to have full command of the computer tools for Humanities and of a European Union’s language.

Through this course, Students will be able to enhance the previously acquired knowledge, specialising it through an adequate in-depth study and developing their attitude to analysis and research, with respect to philology and classical, medieval and modern literatures, and to diachronic linguistics. During the first year, students will study in-depths and acquire a critical awareness of their core competences, through the study of specific subjects in the philological, linguistic, literary, historical-archaeological area; during the second year, they may complete their education in a more interdisciplinary perspective and prepare the dissertation for the final exam.