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Master’s degree in Business Administration Sciences – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Economic, Business and Statistical Sciences

Teaching language of the course: English

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The Master’s Degree in Business Administration Sciences (LM77) aims to provide advanced knowledge and skills, both theoretical and applicative, in the business, economic, mathematical-statistical and legal fields. These skills are meant to be adequate for an advanced understanding of structures, functions, processes and systems concerning all macro-classes of companies (private, public, non-profit, belonging to the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors), as well as their management and governance.
The Master’s Degree Course in Business Administration Sciences (LM77) provides for the acquisition of the ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired through a systematic comparison with different business situations, cases, meetings and testimonies with entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, company visits and laboratory activities, in collaboration with the Contamination Lab and the Business Incubator of the University of Palermo, internships and traineeships (with over 2,000 affiliated companies).
The Master’s Degree Course in Business Administration Sciences (LM77) is divided into three curricula: Strategic governance of business systems; Business control and information; Entrepreneurship and Management. This last curriculum is entirely in English and provides for the possibility of a double degree with the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia), where students will attend the courses of the second semester of the first year at the partner university institution with a minimum mobility of 6 months (for a minimum of 30 ECTS credits), with the possibility of carrying out an internship abroad. At the end of the course, students will obtain a double degree: Master’s Degree in Business Administration Sciences (University of Palermo) and Master’s Degree in Business Economics & Marketing (University of Dubrovnik).
The specific educational objectives of the Master’s Degree Course in Business Administration Sciences (LM77) are listed below:

  • acquisition of the scientific methods and contents of the business, economic, mathematical-statistical and legal fields, necessary for an advanced knowledge of companies of all classes, according to a dynamic interaction with the respective conditions of existence, from establishment to termination, and ordinary and extraordinary events of operation;
  • development of the necessary in-depth economic-business knowledge in relation to its possible applications to all macro-classes of companies (private, public and non-profit), according to sectors (industrial, commercial, services, and public administration), size (small, medium and large), technological development (underdeveloped, developed, advanced), etc., with an overall orientation to change and development according to international and multicultural perspectives;
  • acquisition of professional skills for employment opportunities as employees and self-employed professionals in the administrative macro-areas of organization, management, survey and governance and in the respective functional sub-areas, aiming at highly qualified roles with managerial and strategic responsibilities;
  • to use fluently, in written and oral form, at least one language of the European Union in addition to Italian, with reference also to disciplinary lexicons.

The educational objectives of the Master’s Degree Course in Business Administration Sciences (LM77) foster advanced knowledge which can be continued in subsequent higher training (Second Level Master’s Courses and Ph.D. Programmes). What is more, students acquire skills for advanced segments of the labour market, also through continuous monitoring of quality and constant interaction, in view of the paramount consideration dedicated to the quality of study programmes and the overall social and institutional interest.