The Erasmus programme is a student mobility programme of the European Union, active since 1987. It has allowed millions of European students to undertake part of their course of studies in another higher education institution in Europe.

Since 2015, this opportunity was offered also to people coming from other parts of the world. This is known as International Credit Mobility (ICM) and offers varied opportunities, including:

  • International student mobility for study, from 2 to 12 months
  • International student mobility for traineeships, from 2 to 12 months 

The student who participates in these forms of mobility receives monthly financial support and a contribution for travel expenses.
You can learn more about this extraordinary opportunity by contacting the higher education institution you are enrolled in, in your home country.
Below there is a scheme of the universities of the North Africa area participating in the Erasmus ICM project through agreements with Sicilian institutions.

Study in Sicily is targeted at international students interested in the opportunities Sicily offers in higher education.

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