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Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and International Relations – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Political sciences and international relations

Teaching language of the course: Italiano

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Political Sciences and International Relations

The Bachelor’s Degree course in Political Science and International Relations lasts three years and is divided into two curricula.
The first, “Political Science“, aims to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in political activities. The second, “International Relations”, prepares students to access diplomatic and consular careers or to work as a professional in institutions, including non-governmental and third sector institutions, operating in the international field.
Both curricula provide the adequate basic preparation to access a wide choice of master’s degree programmes in the field of political science and international relations, or for example in international cooperation. From an educational point of view, the Course of Studies is marked by a strong multidisciplinary approach. The courses cover various areas: the legal area; the historical-philosophical-political context; the sociological area; the economic sphere; the linguistic area. There are also student’s choice and optional subjects in the above-mentioned disciplinary areas. The Erasmus exchange programmes activated within the degree course are numerous, and new mobility projects, involving students and teachers, are planned in order to strengthen the more international and specialized subjects of the second and third year. In particular, history, law, economics.