Study in Sicily is the project dedicated to the students of the Mediterranean area to enhance the collaboration between the Sicily Region and the Mediterranean countries and to enable:

  • An international path going from school education to higher education and/or between different levels of higher education;
  • The participation of economically disadvantaged people through the allocation of targeted grants;
  • The involvement of international students in the sectors of Sicilian excellence (agriculture, oenology, architecture, cultural heritage, naval and engineering sectors, etc.)

Study in Sicily is a project of the Sicily Region, in collaboration with the highest institutions of the project’s target countries. The direct management is entrusted to INDIRE, the national institute for documentation, innovation, and educational research, in Italy. Transparency, inclusion, participation, and non-discrimination are the guiding principles of the project.

Are you about to finish upper secondary school and you don’t know what to do next?

Or have you finished your bachelor’s degree and you want to give yourself a further chance for a master’s degree? Or do you want to study abroad for a few months during your university studies?

Come to study in Sicily! Palermo, Catania, Messina, Syracuse, Enna, Caltagirone, and many more cities are waiting for you with an international and extraordinary educational offer, and also:

  • A unique cultural heritage: the region holds 7 UNESCO’s heritage sites and many cultural sites of the classic, medieval, and renaissance periods.  
  • An extraordinary culinary tradition: Sicily has received a European quality certification for 64 of its gastronomic products
  • A very strong presence of international communities starting from those of the south of the Mediterranean Sea
  • A cost of living which is among the lowest in Italy and in Europe, thus extremely favourable to students
  • Climate conditions among the best in Europe which help to create the ideal environment for international students, especially for those coming from North Africa and the Middle East.

Participation in the Study in Sicily project is free of charge and is just
waiting for you: give a further chance to your future!

Study in Sicily is targeted at international students interested in the opportunities Sicily offers in higher education.

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