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Master’s degree in Archaeology – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Culture and society

Teaching language of the course: Italian

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The Master’s degree in Archaeology broadens, deepens and gives advanced knowledge of the Archaeology of the Mediterranean area, offering  a wide range of archaeological sub-disciplines: Prehistory, Archaeology of Greece, Magna Grecia and Sicily, Archaeology of the Roman world, Late Antique and Medieval archaeology Phoenician-Punic and Aegean Archaeology. It includes the study of Topography and ancient urbanization as well as history of the ancient architecture and some disciplines related to History and Civilisation, as Greek and Latin Epigraphy, Byzantine civilization and Legacy of ancient art. The educational offer combines theoretical and practical training, involving methodologies and applied sciences: Methodology of the archaeological research, Archaeological and architectural survey, Photogrammetry and digital image processing, Virtual archaeology technologies, Theory and history of restoration, Chemical-physical sciences applied to archaeology, Archaeometry, Biological anthropology.

Students can organize their own course of study choosing among groups of options: those disciplines they consider most suitable for their cultural formation.

The course integrates lessons with a wide range of didactical laboratories and field activities as topographical and instrumental surveys, excavations etc. These activities, strictly related to the professors’ research projects and collaborations with other public institutions, provide a wide choice of opportunities also for internships and stages and for thesis works.