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Master’s degree course in Building Engineering – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Engineering  

Teaching language of the course: Italian

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The course aims at training a high-level professional with in-depth knowledge of historical and technical-scientific features of the buildings, the construction process, building rehabilitation and restoration and the control of the construction cycle. Particular attention will be devoted to problem identification and their appropriate design solutions, taking into account the continuous evolution of the sector, in order to enhance the quality of the buildings.

The course aims at training professional engineers able to work autonomously and efficaciously in the following fields:

  • design of complex building systems, specifically regarding the technological, structural and environmental quality characteristics, with particular attention to wellbeing, service life and issues related to energy, environmental impact and seismic safety;
  • rehabilitation, restoration, maintenance and management of existing and historic buildings;
  • development of the construction process, specifically related to the use of innovative materials and technologies; – Energy sustainability of building and production processes;
  • testing and quality control of products and works, also related to the durability of materials for new buildings as well as for the restoration process.

The training offered by the Master’s course focuses on integrated building, structural and plant design, and enables graduates to fit easily in various construction industry sectors. The course provides further competencies in the following sectors:

  1. structural Design: related to the study of structural analysis and design issues, through the in-depth analysis of structures in reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, steel and masonry, with particular reference to the safety of the structures and earthquake resistance issues;
  2. building service Engineering: related to the design of technical services and safety systems for buildings, with particular attention to energy and environmental sustainability issues.