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Exhibition design and museum enhancement – First and second-level academic diploma – Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo.

Study Fine Arts in Sicily

First and second-level academic diploma

Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Communication and didactics

Teaching language of the course: Italian, English

Course delivery online: yes

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Course: Exhibition design and museum enhancement 

The programme for the achievement of the first and second level Academic Diploma in Exhibition Design and Museum Enhancement is focused on the analysis of the methods and tools used for the organisation and preparation of exhibitions, fairs, museums, sale points, events and urban scenographies. The contents provide for the acquisition of techniques and skills related to creative conception, design and construction of exhibitions, stands, shops, fairs, museums, places for commercial activities, exchanges and meetings, sale points, spaces for performative arts, streets and urban public squares. The course stimulates all cognitive processes and enhances specific competences in order to provide students with the capacity to improve usability, knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritage, with results able to excite and involve the public.