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Bachelor’s degree in Building Engineering, Innovation and Restoration – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Engineering

Teaching language of the course: Italian

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The training path is organised in three years and foresees a flexible path which can be more focused on specific aspects of engineering (first path); or on architecture (second path). As far as the first path is concerned, in the first year, students learn the basic language of engineering and study maths physics, technical and compositional architecture, and history of architecture. In the second year, the basic training acquired during the first year is completed and students acquire specific languages of construction engineering, including water plant engineering, technical plants engineering, structures, urban planning and topography. In the third year, the students learn about construction engineering, and in particular, structural design of new and existing buildings.

In the third year, the training is completed with two elective courses with which it is possible to deepen the themes of urban planning legislation and public works and/or plants and/or viability of residential areas and/or project management and/or restoration. The second path differs from the first for the introduction of courses with a greater architectural/urban planning orientation. In particular, the credits to be allocated to history of architecture and architectural design are increased. In the third year, training is completed with two elective courses as in the case of the first course path. The training is completed by activities pursuant to ex Article 10 and the final work which contribute, together with all the other subjects, to perfect interpersonal and contextual skills in organised group activities.