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Master’s Degree in Cooperation, Development, and Migrations – University of Palermo

Location: Palermo

Department: Culture and societies

Teaching language of the course: Italian, English, Spanish 

Link to the course:

The International Master’s Degree in “Cooperation, Development and Migration” aims to train experts specialized in international and local cooperation and governance of migration fluxes. It provides a broad range of employment opportunities in areas that currently lack adequately skilled professionals.

COSVIM was established with the aim of giving students the necessary knowledge and skills to understand problems related to issues of development across the world and to find fair and sustainable solutions. This idea is based on a concept of human development that focuses on improving people’s living conditions, on the assumption that economic growth does not, alone, produce well-being for all, and that it is necessary to remove the causes of inequality, discrimination, violence and poverty in order to guarantee people a life worth living. The degree course educates students to develop interventions related to areas regarding education, health, work, access to resources, freedom and political participation and human rights.

From an educational point of view, the degree course is characterized by a strong multidisciplinary approach based on fully understanding the realities of the so-called global south and problems related to vulnerability, poverty, economic growth and sustainable development in the globalized world.

In order to facilitate incoming and outgoing international student and teacher programmes and exchanges, more than half of the teaching is in English, and some courses in Spanish.

Classroom teaching is based on the active participation of students; a large portion of the lessons is dedicated to practical training: project management and other branches of expertise in the field, internships, language studies and other activities abroad – especially in non-European areas, and job shadowing in the field with NGOs and international associations.

COSVIM has various double degree programmes, integrated study paths, international credits mobility, curricular internships, and postgraduate placement programmes in non-European countries.