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First Level Academic Diploma – Music Conservatory “A. Scarlatti” Of Palermo


At the end of the studies related to the First Level Academic Degree in Percussion Instruments, students must have acquired the knowledge of techniques and specific skills such as to enable them to concretely realise their own artistic ideas.

To this end, particular emphasis will be placed on the study of the instrument’s most representative repertoire, including ensemble playing and related performance practices, also with the aim of developing the student’s ability to interact within differently composed musical groups. These objectives are to be achieved also by favouring the development of the perceptive capacity of hearing and memorisation and with the acquisition of specific knowledge of the organisational, compositional and analytical models of music and their interaction. Specific care must be devoted to the acquisition of appropriate postural and emotional control techniques. At the end of the three-year Bachelor programme, students must have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the stylistic, historical and general aesthetic aspects related to their specific address.

Furthermore, with reference to the specificity of the individual courses, students must possess adequate skills in the field of improvisation. It is also a training objective of the course to acquire adequate competences in the field of computer music as well as those related to a second Community language.