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Mandolin, First and Second Level Academic Diploma – Music Conservatory “A. Scarlatti” of Palermo

The Palermo Conservatory is the only one in Sicily and one of the few in all of Italy where it is possible to study the Mandolin, one of the oldest and most typical instruments of our tradition.


Upon completion of their studies in the first-level academic course in Mandolin, students will have acquired the technical knowledge and specific skills to permit them to realise their artistic notions in practice. To this end, special attention will be given to the study of the most representative repertoire of the instrument– including the ensemble – and its actual practice with the constant aim of developing the student’s ability to interact within music groups that vary in their composition. These objectives will be achieved by promoting the development of the perceptual ability of the hearing and of memory and by the acquisition of specific knowledge regarding the organisational, compositional and analytical models of music, as well as of their interaction. Special care must be devoted to the acquisition of appropriate techniques for postural and emotional control. At the end of the three-year period, students should have acquired a thorough understanding of the general stylistic, historical and aesthetic aspects related to their specific field. Moreover, students should acquire competences in the field of improvisation. A further learning objective of the course is the acquisition of appropriate skills in the field of computing as applied to music as well as skills in a second language of the European Community.