Enna, known in the past as urbs inexpugnabilis and ombelicus sicilae, is located in the heart of Sicily, a strategic position that allows easy access to all the rest of the island. The province of Enna has a very large historical, cultural and artistic heritage. It includes various sites of Unesco interest, including the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, a precious collection of Roman mosaics. The archaeological area of Morgantina and the Museum of Aidone which houses its finds, including the acroliths of Demeter and Kore, symbol of the university, and the wonderful statue of the Goddess of Morgantina, returned to Sicily in 2011 by the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
Enna stands on a plateau of about 1000 meters above sea level from which you can admire breath-taking and unforgettable views, in particular from the Castello di Lombardia and the enchanting viewpoint of the city.
The history of Enna is very ancient, the historical evidence is given by the numerous churches, medieval monuments and centuries-old traditions. The celebration of Good Friday at Easter time is especially known and appreciated all over the world.

The historic city centre is home to numerous shops, restaurants and cafés and a lively nightlife takes place in its squares, especially at weekends. As far recreational activities are concerned, the Grivi multiplex cinema and the ancient Garibaldi theatre offer a rich calendar of events of national and international interest.
Enna is particularly suitable for all outdoor sports, especially in the Pergusa area, famous for hosting a wonderful nature reserve that extends around a lake.
The multicultural atmosphere of the city, given by the presence of various international communities, contributes to creating a context of dialogue and mutual recognition.
But Enna is also a modern city and, above all, a university city, equipped with an effective network of services for students, including urban and extra-urban means of transport, sports centres, cultural associations and buddy support systems.
In this context, Kore University of Enna is part of a modern university campus, equipped with areas used for sports, such as an outdoor sports field, an indoor swimming pool and a state-of-the-art gym.
Furthermore, the university, in collaboration with the Regional Body for the right to university study, supports the acquisition of a wide range of products and services for incoming students, at discounted rates, such as restaurants, accommodations and transports, as well as various cultural activities available through the “ersu cards”.