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Bachelor’s degree in humanities – Kore university of Enna

Location: Enna

Department: Classical, Languages and Educational Studies  Bachelor’s degree in humanities – Kore university of Enna

Teaching language of the course: Italian

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The course addresses the increasing need of education in one of the most characteristics areas of Italian and international culture: literature, history, philology, philosophy and expressive arts.

Students can choose between two areas of specialisation: the “Modern” which doesn’t include ancient Greek language and literature but focuses more on modern and contemporary Italian and foreign literature; and the “Classical”, addressed to those who want to satisfy their passion for classical languages and literature together with history and archaeology of the entire Mediterranean area.

The first year of the course is similar for both specialisations and the study plan can be personalised for both. Therefore, it is possible to choose History of Cinema, Theatre, Literary Criticism or Philology, Latin or Greek Literature (only in the specialisation in “classical studies”), and other subjects.