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Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering – Kore university of Enna

Location: Enna

Department: Engineering and Architecture

Teaching language of the course: Italian

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The course aims at forming a professional figure capable to understand, design, realise and manage information technology systems able to face up to modern society’s challenges. The didactic organisation is characterised by the acquisition of strong general knowledge (in maths and physics) and full thorough knowledge of specific subjects. Students will be given the opportunity to understand core issues of information technology such as data structures, algorithms, data bases, programming languages (basic and advanced) electronic calculators and calculator networks, and at a further stage deepen the issues posed by the new challenge of cybersecurity, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


The degree allows access to second-cycle studies (master’s degree) and first-level university master courses, and registration in the Register of Engineers, section B, sector C (information technology), upon passing the state exam.