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Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology, University of Catania

Location: Catania

Department: Agriculture, Food and Environment

Teaching language of the course: Italian

Course delivered online: No

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Course description:

The degree course in Food science and technology aims to train a nationally and internationally recognized professional figure who has the opportunity to choose among different career opportunities.

Ultimately, the aim of the degree course is the training of graduates able to:

  • possess a complete vision of the activities and problems of the production, industrial transformation and conservation of food products “from the field to table”;
  • solve application problems in the food supply chains;
  • carry out analysis of food products, quality and quantity control of raw materials, finished products, additives, technological adjuvants, semi-finished products, packaging and anything else related to the production and processing of food;
  • manage the safety, quality and hygiene of food;
  • analyse the economic-managerial and marketing aspects of agri-food companies;
  • know the legislation on agri-food products;
  • contribute to the design of innovative food products with specific functional, nutritional and sensorial characteristics;
  • develop innovative technologies with reduced environmental impact and reduced energy consumption for the preservation, conditioning and distribution of food.


The Food Technologist can find employment in the production, processing, conservation, marketing and administration of food and beverages and in companies that produce ingredients, food additives and technological adjuvants.

The Food Technologist can work in public and private institutions conducting analysis, control, certification activities for the protection and enhancement of food production.

Furthermore, graduates can continue their training by enrolling in Master’s Degree Courses relating to the food sector.