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Bachelor’s degree in applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Catania

Location: Catania

Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Teaching language of the course: Italian

Course delivery online: No

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Course description:

Curriculum in Herbal Sciences and Nutraceuticals

The achievement of the Degree leads to the following professional activities as a freelancer or employee in:

  • Herbalist shops;
  • Pharmacies and Parapharmacies (as head of the herbal department);
  • Point of sale for plant-based health products;
  • Industries in the herbal/nutraceutical, phytocosmetic and dietary-food sectors (production or marketing companies);
  • Laboratories, institutions or organisations for quality control/certification of herbal/nutraceutical products;
  • Scientific information activities on behalf of manufacturing companies within the sector;
  • Consultancy activities at herbal laboratories and production or marketing companies regarding notifications of plant-based food supplements;
  • Industry sectors for the promotion and advertising of products based on officinal and aromatic plants;
  • Structures of the National Health Service.

Curriculum in Environmental and Food Toxicology

The attainment of the degree allows the exercise of the following professional activities:

  1. analytical, biochemical, microbiological and toxicological control activities in order to ensure the safety of the environment and the quality of food;
  2. acquisition and critical interpretation of scientific documentation for human risk assessment relating to the presence of toxic substances in food and the environment;
  3. collaboration in the definition of plans and procedures for the management of safety and health, quality, and environmental and food problems, according to specific regulations.

Graduates can find employment in:

  • Centres for toxicological and environmental analysis;
  • institutions in charge of drafting technical regulations or certifying food products;
  • consulting companies;
  • structures of the National Health System;
  • industries (chemicals, production activities in general, chemical/pharmaceutical, food, aromatic preparation, cosmetic products and hygiene products);
  • public/private companies for waste treatment, water treatment, livestock sector, food industries, other production activities;
  • universities and other public and private research institutes and bodies, structures of the National Health System, bodies responsible for the elaboration of environmental/food regulations on health issues;
  • regional Agencies for Environmental Prevention (A.R.P.A.);
  • freelance professional (legislative decree no. 8108; certification systems ISO900,14000 etc., HCCP and toxicological and quality control in food companies).

The course grants the access to the state qualification exam for the following regulated professions:

  1. in accordance with the Presidential Decree 5/6/2001 no. 328, graduates in Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences can access the state exams for registration in section B of the professional register of chemists;
  2. graduates in Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, specialised in Herbal Sciences and Nutraceutical Products can access the qualifying exams for the profession of Graduate Agricultural technician, and Agricultural Technician. The Course prepares for the following professions, identified by ISTAT classification of occupation: 1. Chemical technicians – (; 2. Food production technicians – (; 3. Folk medicine technicians – (; 4. Biochemical laboratory technicians – (