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Graphic Design and Digital Media – 1st level – ABADIR Academy

Location: Catania – Sant’Agata Li Battiati

Department: Design

Course delivery language: Italian

Online delivery: partial (blended teaching)

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The spread of social media has radically transformed the way we communicate: today, the web is an essential environment in which to work and learn about digital platforms, understanding their dynamics and languages, it is indispensable for interpreting contemporary global society and for generating new economies.

The three-year course in Graphic Design and Digital Media of the ABADIR Academy combines the study of visual communication in its traditional sense (graphic design, advertising and marketing, editorial design, branding) with digital practices and new technologies, integrating traditional and new media. The aim is to train professionals capable of operating in the creative and cultural industry system, by mastering digital tools and the new paradigms of meaning that they generate, to design communication strategies and interdisciplinary, multimedia and innovative outputs.