Caltagirone is an Italian municipality in the metropolitan city of Catania, with 37,332 inhabitants.
It is located in the central-west part of Sicily in the district of Catalino, of which it is the leading municipality. It is part of the Vallo di Noto and has been a bishopric since 1816.
Caltagirone is renowned for its ceramics production and as an important agricultural zone.
Since 2002, the Baroque architecture of the historical centre has been awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Since 2009, it has been the headquarters of the “Steve Jobs” Higher Technical Institute Foundation which operates in the area of the metropolitan city of Catania, where entrepreneurial projects and initiatives able to give new impetus to the endogenous development of the territory are on the way, thanks to the coexistence of some virtuous factors, the impact of which has been amplified by the formidable development of ICT.